Drone Complier, previously known as Drone Logger and RPAS Logger, is not a drone logbook anymore, is it an enterprise solution designed from the ground up to allow your business to safely focus on the mission without worrying about compliance mandates.  The software enables flight operations management, data management, compliance, and invoicing in a single simple app.  Drone Complier simplifies and manages your drone compliance requirements in an ecosystem that can be accessed through on and off-line solutions.

The legal environment and compliance needs are confusing and constantly changing.  The software is designed to take this complicated process and make it simple.  Drone Complier is updated sometimes on a daily basis to ensure that the information is current.

Based upon the country or state you state you are operating in there may be different requirements as a Drone Operator. For US operations the FAA is the regulatory authority and compliance with the FAA's rules are mandatory for any commercial operation.  Currently to be a commercial operator a Section 333 Exemption is required in addition to a Certificate of Authorization or COA.  These mandate items such as operating limitations, licensing requirements, airspace limitations etc.  are managed automatically through Drone Complier.

In Australia CASA is the regulating authority and like in the US a commercial operation must have an operating approval which is called a UOC.  In Australia the UOC much like COA in the US has stipulations that mandate compliance and define operating limitations.   Drone Complier is currently supporting operations in the US and Australia and will soon be expanding to support operations world wide.